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K4UOJ, Amateur Radio Operator located in South Central Kentucky

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My name is William and I've been an amateur radio operator since 2019. I share the  hobby with my wife, Joni, and son Will who are both ham radio operators as well.

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Please Join me for the Cave Area Fusion Net every Tuesday at 7:00pm Cst on the KY4X Fusion Network (except the 3rd Tuesday of the month).  Yaseau WIresX Room 68675, YSF Reflector 37274.  The Fusion Network is connected through repeaters in Bowling Green KY, 444.425, Glasgow KY, 146.850, and Horse Cave KY, 442.225. Reflector Dashboard

I'm usually monitoring KY Statewide DMR 3121 Kentucky DMR Callwatch

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Contact me via Hamshack Hotline, extension 6100001449 or Hams Over IP, Extension 100505


3/20/2023 K4UOJ· 

Are you prepared for Tornado Season? In this part of the country tornado season typically spans through April and May. The most tornadoes recorded during a month are in April and May equally the same amount in each month. Here is some information for you to be prepared. As we all know these are not the only months tornados happen so it’s always good to prepared..... (read More)

2/8/2023 K4UOJ

GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service, a type of two-way radio communication service. It's a land-mobile radio service available for personal use. GMRS operates on a number of frequencies in the UHF band, providing... (read more)

1/31/2023 K4UOJ

The future of ham radio weather we want to accept it or not is VOIP.  Many advancements in ham radio lately consists of VOIP technology including Echolink, Allstar, DMR, System Fusion and so many other options, but today I want to talk about Hamshack Hotline.  There are other providers but this was the first one.. (read more)

1/29/2023 K4UOJ

Welcome to my new website. I am just working on the project to try to bring a little bit to the ham radio community and south central Kentucky. A little about me, I'm a ham originally born in the state of Michigan and as a youngin my family moved to Kentucky, I've been married 16.5 years and have 2 kids.  Current shack consists of.... (read more)